What will you embroider?

The possibilities are endless with the Right equipment!

With our Happy Multi-Needle Embroidery Machines and the proper tools – Hoops, Clamps, Frames – there’s nothing to stop you now.


Onesies – no more turning them inside out, pinning, taping, clamping – Oh Yea!



High Top Sneakers!



Baseball Caps? – no flattening, no taping, no pinning!



In the Hoop Projects – Large Projects!



Pillows? Sure, just unzip or open the seam, remove the stuffing and embroider away!



Dog Collars – Webbing Straps – Ribbon and more.



Quilting in the Hoop.



Computer Bags – Even little bags like this Tablet bag’s size zipper pocket!



Neoprene Bags, Koozies and more.



Freestanding Lace – Multiples – 28 Christmas Trees here to be precise!



Boots!? Oh Yea! Boots!!!



Car Mats – no really, Car Mats!!!



Hoodie Sweatshirt Tummy Pockets




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