Troubleshooting – Hoops/Clamps

PROBLEM: I bought I new clamp and it isn’t in the list for me to select it on my machine.

SOLUTION: You don’t have to have a Hoop Map – the image of the hoop on your machine’s screen. You can select any hoop and trace to make sure the design will fit in the hoop that is actually attached to the machine. The machine doesn’t actually know what hoop you have attached to your machine. This can be especially confusing for people used to working with a Single Needle or home embroidery machine – these machines will not work unless the selected hoop is actually attached to the machine.

If you choose to work without a Hoop Map – be very careful and TRACE, TRACE, TRACE to make sure that your design will fit well within the hoop actually attached to your machine.

If you prefer to work with a Hoop Map for the Hoop or Clamp you have purchased – go to to the Support Page for your Machine. Hoop Maps are available for download along with instructions for their installation.


NOTE: The HoopTech Clamps require special settings –



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