Troubleshooting – Caps

Have you watched the videos provided? Be sure to watch them all, not just the one for your particular machine – you never know what you will learn.

Embroidery on ballcaps with the Happy Journey machine:

Embroidery on ballcaps with the Happy Voyager:

Embroidery on ballcaps with the Happy HCD2:


PROBLEM: The Hinge on the Cap Stretcher (Cap Gauge) will not raise and lower after it is clamped to the table so I can put the clamps on the back of the cap.

SOLUTION: There is a screw in the Cap Stretcher (Cap Gauge) that locks the hinge for shipping. You must remove this screw before the Hinge can raise and lower freely.

PROBLEM: The design does not rotate automatically when I put the machine in Cap Mode.

SOLUTION: Check your Machine Settings – “Convert Cap” must be set to Yes – so that “When you install the cap drive frame on the machine, the machine will convert (rotate) your design automatically.”

Consult your User’s Manual for your Machine for instructions on accessing Machine Settings for your model.




One thought on “Troubleshooting – Caps

  1. Susan I have this unit and do not know what to do with it yet, Also what all can I embroidery with that unit?. I also bought the
    Durkee CF-HAP-MN. I do not know how to get the right X & Y numbers to get this to be part of my hoop collections on my Joureny machine, is there any way you can help me with this. I need to add it to my list of hoops on my maching so I can start using it please.
    Thanks for your assistance in this matter,
    Brenda Dean


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