How do you eat an Elephant?

Are you focusing on the Elephant –  the Cost of the Embroidery Equipment?

Maybe you should shift your perspective. Focus on the “Bites” – the Monthly Payments.

See for yourself just how much it would take to put that Happy Embroidery Machine in your workroom.

Check out Red Thread’s Online Payment Calculator. Don’t forget, you don’t have to finance the entire cost of the machine. My best advice? Give Red Thread a call and let them help you explore your options – 877.237.7287.

You can even Apply Online – Apply Now


If you want to talk about it – give me a call. I take calls evenings and weekends, 7 days a week.

I will work with your schedule.


A picture is worth a Thousand Words!

I am a picture kind of person.

I take pictures with my cell phone of just about anything I want to remember – everything from your face to the fabric bolt I just bought so I can buy more of the exact fabric if I need it. I can also look back at the photo for content and care instructions.


This approach works really well for me when it comes to my Embroidery Designs. When stitching out a complicated, high color change design that I know I will be stitching again, it is nice to know that my Happy will know exactly which needles to use 6 months from now. Problem? Well the odds that I will have the same color spools on those needles six months from now are slim to none!

What to do? Take a picture!

Just lay the stitchout next to the spools and snap a quick picture. This shows me exactly which threads I used and what their locations were when I stitched out that design. I can also write a note with the date, design name and project/recipient next to the design and add that information to the picture as well.


It is also helpful to lay the cones down and snap a picture of the bottom so I can see the exact color numbers used.


In a shop environment, this can be a helpful approach to add to the files or folder for a customer job so that no matter who runs the job in the future, they can get it right!

Don’t forget the recipe either – you know, the stabilizer you used, the needle type (Ball Point, Sharp) and the needle size. Include anything in the notes that will insure that future runs for that customer will be as successful as the first.

New Luggage – Must Embellish!

I will be headed for Indiana on Sunday to travel the state all week – a week long sales visit with embroidery shops and customers.

When I traveled through Illinois and Missouri in October, I accidentally booked myself on an American Eagle flight. Not so bad except that my rolling cart computer bag would not fit in those little ole’ bitty overheads on that little ole’ bitty plane. With some help from a steward and a couple of passengers I was finally able to get the door closed – I did have to relocate half the contents to my purse in order to do it. Of course, my purse no longer fit under the seat in front of me with 2 computers sticking out the top. I lucked out and the stewardess didn’t notice.

The Good News? I had to (I really, really had to) buy a new purse and rolling computer bag just in case it ever happens again. I know, you’re thinking, “Don’t put yourself on another one of those planes.” Well, you have a good point there, but, I did say I accidentally booked that plane. I just wish I felt confident that I would not make that mistake again. Solution? New bags! Seriously, have you been talking to my husband?

I was wrapping up my day when I couldn’t stand looking at those blank bags one more minute!




Heading for AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines

Well, I am almost ready for AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines, IA – October 5-8. Did I say almost? Maybe it’s more like, “Oh no! I’m not nearly ready. It’s going to take all night, every night to make my vision come true for the booth!” Well, OK, it is somewhere in between the two.

Come see me and see if I managed to pull it all together.

Will you be at the AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines next month?

I will be in a corner booth just outside the Learning Center so be sure and stop in and say hello.

We will have great prices – especially for the AQS Members as part of their “I Am AQS” program.

Call me anytime for a Price Quote – 877-335-5206, Ext 6532 or email me at


Heading for Des Moines, Iowa!

Get Ready Des Moines – here we come!


We will be returning to the AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines, Iowa the first week of October so mark your calendars and start making your travel plans – I sure am!

Show details:


It’s Here! – Happy App for Android

It’s Official! HappyJapan, maker of our fabulous Happy Embroidery Machines has released the HappyBell App for Android.

I just finished running a design in our Training Room here at TEXMAC‘s Corporate Office in Charlotte, NC. I loved being able to go back to my office and have the HappyBell App notify me when the design was finished. I have been using this App for some time now at my home with my personal machine and at Trade Shows and absolutely love it. I can see many applications for it for everyone from Production Shops, Small Storefronts and Home Embroiderers as well.

Rene Rosales just announced the release on TEXMAC’s Facebook Page:


Find the link to the Download/Instructions Page at the bottom of the front page on TEXMAC’s Web Page:



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It started out so well . . . how did it go so wrong?

It was truly a thing of beauty!

I bought a new table for my Sewing Room that could hold all my machines. I cleaned. I organized. I culled. I was ruthless. I looked at each piece of fabric, each tool, each spool of thread – “Do I use you? Do I love you? Do you work well?” One No and it was out of there. Organized, clean, efficient, restful!”


Order3     Order2


And then something happened . . . Life!

What a mess. I’m not even showing you the worst pictures.

Order1    Order5


My husband walked in a couple of weeks ago and stood in front of the wall where all my Hoops and Clamps for my Happy, 15 Needle Machine hang. I thought for a minute there I was going to have to do CPR. He took one look at all the 10 penny nails I had pounded into the wall to hold each one up and all the blood just drained from his face.

Then he just shook his head, turned and walked away.

“What!? Hey it works. At least they’re not laying on the floor under the machine anymore. Hey you, come back here and fix this for me!”



Stay tuned – I found a solution – maybe.