Happy Machine – “Pull Comp” Right on the Machine!

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BONUS: This setting is also on the previous generation HAPPY machines as well (the ones with the CompactFlash slots) – same place: main menu -> SETTING, the icon looks very similar to the above photo.

Why didn’t I think of that?!!!

You may have heard or read about my approach to knowing what kind of needle is on each of the 15 different positions on my Happy 15 Needle Embroidery Machine. I found some really bold, ugly nail polish and swiped it across each pack to assign that color to that type/size. Then when I put a needle on my machine, I would swipe that color across the top where I could see it but it wouldn’t get rubbed off during the embroidery process. This has worked well for me for quite some time (unless I was in too big a hurry to paint the needle). Unfortunately, it never solved the problem of how long that needle has been on the machine. As I am a Hobbyist with my machine at home, it might be days between my embroidery sessions so the weekly or daily change-out of needles employed in production shops is pretty wasteful in my environment.

Well, why didn’t I think of this!?

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And yes, it comes in a Multi-Head Version!