Customer Spotlight – I.D. MERCH

During a recent conversation with one of our customers in Michigan, I clicked my way over to their Facebook page . . . Oh My!

I was so impressed with their Caps and Patches I wanted you to see them.

  • Partly because they just do such an amazing job.
  • Partly because they get such large designs on their caps.
  • But MOSTLY I wanted to inspire you with the fact that they are doing all this on our 7 Needle HCH 701 Journey machine – well, actually, 6 of our 7 Needle Journey machines!

They just keep Growing and Growing and Growing. Now we are discussing the possibilities of adding a Multi Head Happy to their workroom.





It’s not just Caps and Patches! They do beautiful Left Chest Logos as well!

This could just as easily be Your Story!

With the Happy Embroidery Machine, we offer Commercial Japanese-made Quality at better than home market machine prices.

Whether you are

  • just starting out,
  • a home-based business,
  • a Boutique Embroidery shop,
  • a production shop,
  • or something else altogether,

Happy has the machine that will fit your needs and budget.

From Single Head, 7 Needle all the way to 12 Head, 15 Needle


We also offer the training and support that will insure your success in your learning process.

I am available 7 days a week to take your calls and emails. You can reach me at 704-393-6532 or 877-335-5206, ext 6532.

Thank you, I.D. MERCH, for letting me share your Success Story.


Happy Customers

How do I pick the right Embroidery Machine?

Are you wondering if a Happy Multi Needle Embroidery Machine might be the Right Machine for You?



  • Headquartered in Yamagata, Japan with > 1 Billion in Annual Revenue (2015)
  • Manufacturer of Sewing Machines, Industrial Embroidery Machines and General Industrial & Electrical Machinery
  • Embroidery Machines are manufactured and assembled at Happy’s factory in Yamagata, Japan
  • Frames, drive shafts and castings are manufactured with top grade 1st rolled steel (unlike machines made in China, often made with lower grade scrap metal)
  • Tight AQS (Acceptable Quality Level) controls promote tighter tolerances on machining, and higher quality metal specs on bolts and screws
  • Shared knowledge across world class manufacturing divisions leads to refined platform designs that are lighter and stronger.
  • Lighter, stronger machines – better embroidery quality at high speeds and lower costs, which we pass along to our customers.
  • Happy Japan is a vertical manufacturer and makes its own circuit boards ensuring higher quality materials and a reliable supply of replacement boards.
  • TEXMAC, Inc. and Happy Japan inventories parts for machines sold back to the 1990’s (Most machine brands now only maintain parts for 5 years)



  • A Division of ITOCHU Corporation, a Global 500 Company with >$45 Billion in Annual Revenue (2015)
  • Founded in 1974 and Headquartered in Charlotte, NC with Corporate and Regional Sales & Service Staff
  • The exclusive Distributor of Happy Embroidery Machines in the Americas since 1990 – more than 35 years


  • Customers who purchase their Happy Machine from TEXMAC Receive Free Telephone, Email & Internet Support
    • For as long as they own the machine, no matter how old it gets.
    • NO Club Fees, NO Monthly Service Fee Programs, NO pay by the minute!
  • On-site Service available from TEXMAC’s Employees, Factory Trained Technicians



  • Classroom Training at TEXMAC Headquarters in Charlotte, NC
  • Regional Classroom Training throughout the US
  • Live Webinars
  • Large Video Training Library
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Downloadable Training Materials


  • TEXMACDirect – TEXMAC, Inc’s Parts & Accessories Division
  • Online & Phone Ordering for All Things Embroidery! All Machine Brands!
  • TEXMACDirect is committed to providing the highest quality, competitively priced embroidery accessories and supplies in the market place today.
  • Free shipping on orders of $100 or more.
  • Education Video Library, developed with Industry leaders , developed to help you understand Embroidery and Embroidery Products, Tools & Supplies



Whether you are

  • just starting out,

  • a home-based business,

  • a Boutique Embroidery shop,

  • a production shop,

  • or something else altogether,

Happy has the machine that will fit your needs and budget.





There are no legs on the side of the Sewing Cylinder Arm of the 7 Needle Journey and the 12 Needle Happy – the front of these machines is flat and has no limitation to the width of the item you can embroider!


The 15 Needle HCD2 & HCD2X machines do have legs but they are over 18 inches apart!

And it’s not just wide items! You can embroider all kinds of things easily – yes, I said easily with our Happy Embroidery Machines!








Financing is available for all our equipment, Single Heads and Multi Heads, through Red Thread Financial.


Learn more about the Tax Savings available with your Happy Embroidery Machine Purchase here: Section 179 Tax Savings

Are you thinking about using one of those 0% Finance offers – here are some reasons to re-think that before you buy – or call Red Thread and find out why their program is a much better choice – 877-237-7287

Benefits of Red Thread program over 0% offers:

  • Equipment cost can be inflated on the 0% offers as the dealer has to pay a buy down fee to offer.
  • Red Thread offers a fixed payment/interest rate even if there is a late payment. Late payments on most of the 0% offers cause the interest rate to inflate to rates as high as 29.99% retroactive from day one.
  • Red Thread’s program may offer additional tax write-offs for businesses.
  • Red Thread’s program does not report to the personal credit bureau report since it is considered commercial financing; it won’t hurt your personal debt to income ratio when buying other items like homes and cars.
  • Red Thread’s program helps you build business credit history.
  • The 0% offers will increase the credit card debt reporting on your personal credit bureau. High revolving debt can hurt credit scores and affect future purchases of homes and cars.
  • Red Thread has no cap on equipment cost financing.
  • Red Thread can roll in all soft costs… training, install, delivery, shipping, sales tax, etc.

Red Thread can offer you up to 60 Months with payments as low as $203/month with approved credit


With Overstock Inventory on selected models – Single Head and Multi Head – now is a great time to call for pricing!



alwayshappyMidwest Regional Sales Manager

Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas

Felt Flags

I am always trying to think of something new and different for display at the Trade Shows. Since I made an Embroidered Snowman Quilt for display at AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines next week, I decided to make matching flags that spell out Happy. These will hang on the opposite wall of our booth.

The video below is the finished Flag Design. I have Step-By-Step pictures at the bottom of this post done when I was still designing the look of the flags so they don’t look the same. Who of us ever finishes the way we start?

This video shows how I “Tweaked” the Star design I used for the border of the finished flags.

Step by Step:

1-Lay the Felt on Tearaway Stabilizer and Embroider the Front
2-Apply Spray Adhesive to a 2nd piece of Felt and press to the Bottom of the hoop. This will hide the back of the Embroidery Design.
3-Repeat the Border Stitch to sew the 2 pieces of felt together and finish with the Buttonhole to hang the flag with.

20160910_135540 20160910_135246 20160910_135338 20160910_135540

4-Remove the Flag from the Hoop – See how nice the back looks!
5-I used a Ripple Blade on my Rotary Cutter for a decorative edge when I trimmed the Flags to size.

20160910_135900 20160910_135905 20160910_140253

6-Slit the Buttonhole open for hanging.
7-Steam press well to finish and remove ripples.

20160910_140818 20160910_141730

All Done!



Final Design – Come see them in person!


Heading for AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines

Well, I am almost ready for AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines, IA – October 5-8. Did I say almost? Maybe it’s more like, “Oh no! I’m not nearly ready. It’s going to take all night, every night to make my vision come true for the booth!” Well, OK, it is somewhere in between the two.

Come see me and see if I managed to pull it all together.

Will you be at the AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines next month?

I will be in a corner booth just outside the Learning Center so be sure and stop in and say hello.

We will have great prices – especially for the AQS Members as part of their “I Am AQS” program.

Call me anytime for a Price Quote – 877-335-5206, Ext 6532 or email me at


Did you know?

Did you know that you can customize the icons on the right hand side of your Embroidery Screen on the Happy Touchscreen machines? Check it out! It’s in your User’s Manual.



User’s Manuals are available for download on our website –


How small is too small?

You can embroider some of the most amazing things and places with our Happy Multi Needle Embroidery machines!

When you are looking at something and wondering if you can get the Sewing Cylinder Arm inside to embroider – here is a little visual that might help you:



20141209_103712    20141209_103849


OK, so maybe you don’t always have a ruler handy. What do you have that you could use as a handy reference?

I just happened to be carrying my “ever-present” water bottle when I was taking these pictures! My 16.9 oz Deer Park bottle’s base is the same size of our Sewing Cylinder Arm.

20141209_112134   20141209_112126

Single-Needle / Multi-Needle . . . More alike than you think.

As you may have read here, my mother taught me to sew when I was 6 years old.


My grandmother taught me to embroider when I was 10.


Then I discovered “machine embroidery”! Huh? Oh my!


How does this work? Well, here’s how I see it. An Embroidery Machine is just a “printer”. You generally write a letter or design a flyer on your computer and then send it to the printer to be printed on paper with ink. With Machine Embroidery, you send (or transfer) an embroidery “picture” (design) from your computer to the embroidery machine. The embroidery machine then “prints” the design on fabric with a needle and thread.

A printer creates an image with ink, lots of ink, a little ink, mixtures of colors, shading, shadowing – simple or detailed – countless colors and combinations of colors. On the embroidery machine, the image is formed by how far apart the stitches are. The direction or angle of the stitches. Thread colors, referred to as a “color change”. Layering of stitches and colors also help to bring the image to life on the fabric. Very, very cool.

SingleNeedleEmbMach2Cool, yes, cool and time consuming!

With a Single-Needle machine that is. You put the first color on the machine and get the fabric or garment “hooped” and attached to the machine and press “Go”. The machine then starts “printing” (stitching) your design. You walk away. You have things to do. Customers to take care of. Dinner to cook. Life goes on right? Wrong! Just as you start to walk away, the machine stops and beeps. What’s wrong?! Nothing. Color change time! Color 1 is finished. Time for Color 2. What do you do now? Well, you sit down and take Color 1 off the machine and re-thread the machine with the next Color in the design. Color 2. Press “Go” and walk away. Remember, life goes on.

3 hours later you come back to admire your design. Wait. It’s not done! It’s just sitting there, waiting, waiting for you! Waiting for Color 3!

Color 3?! There are 12 color changes in this design, this could take all day!

Yes, it could. And often does! With a Single-Needle Machine, you must stay with it to re-thread the machine each and every time there is a color change in the design. Or, waste a lot of time while the machine sits and does nothing, absolutely not one stinking thing while it waits for you to come back and change the thread. Time-consuming. Tedious. Slow. Frustrating! But fabulous all the same. 🙂

About this time, you think to yourself (or your husband says to you – daredevil that he is) “That’s kinda’ dumb. There’s gotta be a better way.”

“Grrrrr” . . . Smart man, he left the sewing room. 😦

Well, he wasn’t so wrong after all, there is a better way. It’s called a Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine.



When I first heard about Multi-Needle Embroidery Machines, I pictured all those needles pounding away at the same time, stitching out the design. I could see how that would be fast but it just sounded so scary – all those needles going at the same time. Somebody (me!) is bound to get hurt with something like that! Then I started to look into how it actually works and learned that the needles don’t all work at the same time. 🙂


Just like my Single-Needle Machines, Multi-Needle Machines use one needle at a time. They just take turns. The thread still sits on top of the machine – one spool of thread for each needle.

7NeedleThreadTensionsAlso like my Single Needle Sewing/Embroidery machine, the thread must pass through tension disks and along a thread path. That’s what all those dials on the front of the machine are – the tension disks – one for each thread/needle. Simple as that.

As each color change occurs in the design, the machine “head” moves to the left or right to activate or use the needle threaded with the correct color thread, passing through it’s very own set of tension discs along its very own path.

MultiNeedleSideViewIf you were to sit on the side of the machine, you would see the needle panel moving toward you or away from you as each needle takes its turn. If you stand in front of the machine, the needle panel will be moving from side to side – right, left, right again as each needle takes it’s turn, called into action.

TouchScreen2You bring the design to the screen on the machine by connecting and sending it directly from the computer or saving it to a memory device like a USB stick


The difference – the magic – comes at this point. You tell the machine which needle to use for each color change in the design, press “Start” and walk away. As each color change occurs in the design, the machine stops – moves the needle panel left or right to the appropriate needle and then starts right back up!

Starts without you. When you come back 3 hours later the design is done! DONE!!! Without you.

5 Color changes, 12 Color Changes, it is done. The machine has just moved through the color changes you instructed it to make while you waited on customers or did the laundry or played with your children . . . life goes on. With a Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine it goes on much more quickly!

As my Mother used to say, “Pretty slick, huh?!” Well that ain’t all babe!

Just like the Single-Needle Embroidery Machine, you hoop the item to be embroidered and attach the hoop to the Multi-Needle Machine. What’s the problem? Well, a Single-Needle Embroidery Machine has an Embroidery Unit that attaches to the Sewing Machine and converts it into an Embroidery Machine. That whole system sits on your sewing table. That embroidery unit and table tend to get in the way when you get ready to embroider – it’s always there –  underneath the hoop – all the time – in the way!.


Not so with a Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine! There is no embroidery unit to attach. And the “Free Arm”? There it is, right there in the middle, a Sewing Cylinder. Hanging in air, truly Free! When you attach the hoop to the arms on either side of the sewing cylinder, the cylinder just slips up inside whatever you’re embroidering. Like the photo on the left below, inside the Baby Onesie or the photo on the right, inside the High Top Sneaker!


In this photo, the hoop is slipped inside the front pocket of a sweatshirt. The “arms” of the hoop are attached to the “arms” that extend from the front of the machine on either side of the truly “free” sewing cylinder!


It just doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to embroidery.

Now that is very, very, very cool! Come on, join me in Multi-Needle World.