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Embroider High Top Sneakers? Yeah Baby!

A very dear friend of mine had a Birthday this past Sunday. Happy Birthday Kirbi!

When I saw these High Top Sneakers I could already picture them on her. These shoes are totally age-appropriate – for her. She turned 12 on Sunday and yes, she is my friend, even if she’s not in my age bracket. She’s kind of a package deal with her Mom. The Applique Hearts were already on the sides but that wasn’t nearly enough for me (or her!)

I grabbed our Happy One Point Frame and added a monogram on the tongue. This is an optional item and attaches to the Cap Driver that comes in the Cap Kit.

OnePoint2     20141007_122059

I turned the shoe on each side and add B’Day Girl and her age – 12! – to the sides using the fonts built in to the machine.

20141007_124444   20141007_123334

So, so cute!!!

20141007_130411-1-1   20141007_130454-1-1

What’s that you say? How did they look on Kirbi? Well, I left out one very important step in the process – find out what size she wears. Nope, they don’t fit her. 😦

I’m gonna buy her a plant to set inside them and turn them into waaaay cute planters for her homework desk!

You know – you’re right – that picture at the top of the post doesn’t match the One Point Frame in the rest of the pictures . . . I guess you better check out this post