Embroider on Boots & Shoes with the Happy One Point Frame

Did you see my post a while back featuring these High Top Sneakers? I used the One Point Frame Small that attaches to the Cap Driver on our Happy Embroidery Machines. These come in 3 different sizes: Small, Large & Long.

They work beautifully on Shirt Pockets, Backs of Caps, Cuffs, Blue Jean Pockets . . . all kinds of items, not just Shoes and Boots!

I posted a link below to Rene’s new video showing how to attach these to your machine, be sure to check it out.

One Point Frame Small

One Point Frame Large

One Point Frame Long



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One Point Frames & Boots – Oh My!

You all know that I’m from Texas right? Well, we love our boots in Texas. They don’t have to be Cowboy Boots either, just boots in general. So, it only stands to reason that I would have to try my hand at embroidering Boots! For some reason, Robert wouldn’t let me play with his boots. I had to give up my high-heeled Cowboy Boots long ago when I gave up high heels in general. Nowadays, I am confined to “girly” boots. I’m going to go get me a pair of Cowboy Boots from Goodwill to play with! Until then, I had to content myself with experimenting on my regular ol’ girl boots. 😦

TaDa! Here they are.

Because I am experimenting, I am using different devices for each boot or shoe in a pair. I am trying to explore how many different ways there are to approach the same project or item.

I did one boot with the 5.5 Mighty Hoop


I did the other boot with the Hooptech Clamp


I could have used the NEW One Point Frame Long – great for boots that don’t unzip like Cowboy Boots.


The One Point Frames attach to your Cap Driver just like the Cap Frame attaches. You would put the Cap Driver on the machine and instead of attaching a cap on a frame, you would simply attach the One Point Frame instead. I am crazy about these things. Very useful and versatile.



I also could have used either the One Point Frame Small or One Point Frame Large


I did use the One Point Frame Small for this Scrunch Top Boot that does not unzip.


And I used that same One Point Frame Small for this House Shoe that also does not unzip.


I used the One Point Frame Small on one of the High Top Sneakers.


Well, that’s it for today. There really aren’t any long, complicated instructions for doing boots and shoes. The devices (Clamps, Frames, Hoops) each have their own instructions. The item itself, boot, house shoe, sneaker – will determine what stabilizer you use – if any – sometimes I cheat and don’t use stabilizer.

Holler if you have any questions!


Stay Tuned! Next time I’m going to show you how I’m going to “fix” these High Top Sneakers before I give them to Kirbi. I used a different device to embroider the tongue on each shoe. I also embroidered a different version of her initial on each one. I don’t like the result of either one. I’m going to “replace” these with a new one that is the same on each shoe – wait for it – without having to sew and install a new tongue on the shoe!

Hmmm, can you do that I wonder? Never mind, different machine I’m sure. 🙂