A Right Way and a Wrong Way

Really? Maybe there’s just a “Better Way

It seems like no matter what you do, whether it is Cooking, Sewing, Painting, even Cleaning, you can always find a “Better Way” to do it. OK, so it’s a Better Way, you still have the option of continuing to do whatever it happens to be the Same Old Way – the choice is yours – your way isn’t Wrong, there’s just a Better Way and you might or might not use it – up to you.  

Totally Up to You!

Sometimes though, there is a “Right Way” and a “Wrong Way”.

Yes, you could keep doing whatever it is the Same Old Waybut why would you?

That’s just, well, WRONG!

The Embossed Christmas Stockings I just finished yesterday are a perfect example of the Right Way, Wrong Way Principle!


What happened?

Well, I got in a hurry and did the first side the WRONG WAY!

First & Foremost! I forgot to put stabilizer under the Stocking!!! Sometimes you can get away with no Stabilizer but this lined Stocking with a plush nap is not one of those times. I used a quality Cutaway Stabilizer on the Right Side – literally, the Right Side, get it? 🙂

Second & maybe Foremoster! I went back to the computer and ran the design player in my digitizing software to watch the stitchout on the screen. I immediately realized that there was no outline stitch around the perimeter of the design. It simply begins stitching the knock down stitches and works it’s way up the design – pushing the Stocking Fabric ahead of itself as it progresses through the stitchout. When the second color change, the Satin Stitch border stitches, the fabric and the nap have shifted and the outlines or Registration of the design elements/colors no longer line up properly.

I edited my design and added a Running Stitch around the entire perimeter of the 1st Color, the Knock Down Stitch. This stitch attaches or locks the Stocking Fabric to the Cutaway Stabilizer underneath and holds it in place when the Knock Down stitches begin to form. Now the fabric and the nap are locked in place and don’t get shifted up or down, left or right. Then, when the 2nd Color stitches, the Satin Stitch Border, the first element, the Knock Down Stitches and the fabric are still where they belong and the two elements/colors line up properly – no tacky stitches showing through where they don’t belong.

Problem solved – the Right Way!



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