Felt Flags

I am always trying to think of something new and different for display at the Trade Shows. Since I made an Embroidered Snowman Quilt for display at AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines next week, I decided to make matching flags that spell out Happy. These will hang on the opposite wall of our booth.

The video below is the finished Flag Design. I have Step-By-Step pictures at the bottom of this post done when I was still designing the look of the flags so they don’t look the same. Who of us ever finishes the way we start?

This video shows how I “Tweaked” the Star design I used for the border of the finished flags.

Step by Step:

1-Lay the Felt on Tearaway Stabilizer and Embroider the Front
2-Apply Spray Adhesive to a 2nd piece of Felt and press to the Bottom of the hoop. This will hide the back of the Embroidery Design.
3-Repeat the Border Stitch to sew the 2 pieces of felt together and finish with the Buttonhole to hang the flag with.

20160910_135540 20160910_135246 20160910_135338 20160910_135540

4-Remove the Flag from the Hoop – See how nice the back looks!
5-I used a Ripple Blade on my Rotary Cutter for a decorative edge when I trimmed the Flags to size.

20160910_135900 20160910_135905 20160910_140253

6-Slit the Buttonhole open for hanging.
7-Steam press well to finish and remove ripples.

20160910_140818 20160910_141730

All Done!



Final Design – Come see them in person!


7 thoughts on “Felt Flags

    1. Hi Althea – I am not sure what Wes Wellmaker’s Florida Show Schedule looks like. I don’t expect to be at those shows but I know you will enjoy working with Wes now that you are in his territory. Hey what ever happened with that dress we discussed? I am anxious to see what you ended up doing with it. I will miss seeing you in Indy next year!


    1. Thank you Chris. I have to say they are so pretty when they are all hanging together. The Wool felt from Gunold is a much higher quality than what I usually am able to buy at the store. TEXMACDirect gave it to me to play with and see what I could come up with. The Metallized Rapos – especially the variegated – gives the flags such a Sparkle! You will probably see at least a version of these at the DAX Show next April in Tinley Park. How are you and that big HCD2X getting along?


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