I don’t hear anything!

I recently received an email SOS from a new Happy Owner:

“What is the trick to get the bobbin to click?  I have tried for over an hour and it still won’t click.  I made a copy of the manual and have watched the videos.”

I called her up and we walked through it together over the phone. She quickly had her Bobbin Case inserted correctly  – and she heard the “Click”.

What was the problem? Why wasn’t it “Clicking” when she put it in the machine?

She sent me a picture of the page in her User’s Manual that she was referring to:


The instructions she was following “Inserting the bobbin case”, shown below, specify in Step 1 “. . . open bobbin case latch (A) . . . Slip bobbin and case on stud of rotary hook body, and press in securely.Release bobbin case latch. Press the bobbin case in to be sure it is fully seated.” 


Note, the Manual’s instructions do not mention an audible “Click”. Where did that come from?

From a video!

If you watch the video below, at about the 2:40 mark in the video, Rene gives instructions on inserting the Bobbin Case and talks about that “Click”.

So what’s the problem?

The User’s Manual and Rene are using two different methods to insert the Bobbin Case.

If you “. . . open bobbin case latch (A). . .” as instructed in the User’s Manual by pulling out that little Handle on the front of the Bobbin Case and hold it open while you are inserting the Bobbin Case, you are opening a “Latch” on the side of the case that engages when you insert the case in the Rotary Hook Area. When you release the Handle, the Latch engages and locks the Bobbin Case into place in the Rotary Hook. If you use this method, you do not hear a “Click” because you have opened the Latch with the Handle and it simply closes with no sound when you release the Handle. The Bobbin Case is locked into place when you release the Handle. The Manual further instructs you to “Press the bobbin case in to be sure it is fully seated.”

If you use Rene’s method from the video and  leave the Handle down and simply press the Bobbin Case into the Rotary Hook, the lock inside the Rotary Hook presses against the Latch on the side of the Bobbin Case and opens it. When the Bobbin Case is fully inserted into place with the Handle down, you hear a “Click” when the lock closes. Pressing against the Latch without opening that little Handle while inserting the Bobbin Case causes that audible “Click” when the Latch is fully engaged.

Which way is correct? Both! You can use either approach. 

The Instructions in the Manual are correct – it does not mention the “Click” because it instructs you to open and hold the Handle while inserting the Bobbin Case. Releasing the Handle locks the Bobbin Case into place – Silently.

Rene’s video is also correct. He demonstrates inserting the Bobbin Case without opening the Handle and instructs you to listen for the “Click” which indicates the Bobbin Case is locked into place. He is correct because he isn’t telling you (in this video) to hold the little Handle open. There will be a Click – if you inserted the Bobbin Case fully. If you don’t hear the Click, you got a problem – the Bobbin Case is not inserted correctly or fully. Something is wrong!

Which method should you use?

I prefer Rene’s method – don’t open the Handle – listen for the Click.

Why? Because this method gives you an audible indication that you have inserted the Bobbin Case far enough and that it is fully locked into place. No guesswork. If you open the Handle and insert, you might not put it in far enough to engage the lock and if you forget to push and check – well, you would not know it until you had problems with your stitches.

Why take chances? Use the Click Method and know that all is well!

If you’ve been having problems and thinking “How come sometimes it stays in and sometimes it doesn’t” or “Do I use this little handle thingy or don’t I”, hopefully this answers your question or solves your problem.


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