It’s Here! – Happy App for Android

It’s Official! HappyJapan, maker of our fabulous Happy Embroidery Machines has released the HappyBell App for Android.

I just finished running a design in our Training Room here at TEXMAC‘s Corporate Office in Charlotte, NC. I loved being able to go back to my office and have the HappyBell App notify me when the design was finished. I have been using this App for some time now at my home with my personal machine and at Trade Shows and absolutely love it. I can see many applications for it for everyone from Production Shops, Small Storefronts and Home Embroiderers as well.

Rene Rosales just announced the release on TEXMAC’s Facebook Page:


Find the link to the Download/Instructions Page at the bottom of the front page on TEXMAC’s Web Page:



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