My Oh Mylar!

I have a new passion – Applique passion!

Applique with Mylar that is. Have you tried this?

Am I completely behind the curve on this one?

In preparing for the upcoming Everything Applique Conference in Atlanta this week I stumbled across this technique for my show samples. I was looking for something unique and different to demonstrate in our booth at the show.

Below is an Applique Bluebird embroidery design. I added a widely spaced cross hatch type stitching to the body of the bird that runs in two directions – the open areas between the rows of stitching allow the Mylar to shine through – and I do mean shine! Instead of fabric appliqued for the bird’s body, I used a layer of brilliant blue Mylar under a layer of Opalescent/Iridescent See-Through Mylar that added just a  bit more sparkle and shine.


The placement stitch in the design shows me where to place my two layers of Mylar just as it does when using fabric.


The Mylar rips away from the cross hatch stitching when finished – no cutting machines or scissors needed!


The only metallic thread used on the bird below is the beak, all the other Sparkle and Shine is from the 2 layers of Mylar peeking through the open areas of the cross hatch stitching.


You can even use patterned Mylar!


This little rabbit was stunning!


I played all weekend!





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