Hidden Benefits

You’ve heard the term “Hidden Benefits” I’m sure. It seems everything has Hidden Benefits . . .

  • Eating Vegetables
  • Eating Meat
  • Saving Money
  • Spending Freely

Well, setting up my Embroidery Machine wirelessly so I can sit in the living room has a Hidden Benefit as well


You see, when I sit in my Sewing Room at the computer, I am sitting in an office chair. Not much room for a Buddy in this kind of chair.


Until now, you’ve only seen my perspective of the room when I’m taking advantage of my new wireless capabilities. You know, the TV and the Fireplace.


What you haven’t been seeing is the big cushy Recliner I’m sitting in.


Hidden Benefit?

Room for a Buddy!

You probably can’t tell but her eyes are open. She likes to watch TV upside down. Must be a dog thing. 🙂


Even Keelie’s little bitty Romper is easy to monogram on my Happy Embroidery Machine! I used the 5.5″ Mighty Hoop this time.






Sorry, gotta go now!












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