Baby Clothes!

Well I’ve gone from Aprons for my grown son to clothes for my real baby!

My little Yorkie, Keelie, is almost 5 years old but she doesn’t even weigh 5 pounds. I usually keep her hair medium short so she looks kind of like a little stuffed animal. A little boy at the pet store asked me one time if she was “real”. She looks like a miniature Chewbacca to me!


I took her in for a cut while I was on vacation and they got her hair a little bit short so she’s been doing a bit of shivering.  The Extra Small clothes at the pet store are too small for her and the Small are too big – so I decided to make her some myself! and really have some fun with my Happy Embroidery Machine.

I call this her Safari Collection. And you know down here in the South, we monogram everything! My accent makes it sound like she has two names – Kee Lee – so her Monogram is KML – just like a big girl.



Then I got to playing with my faux leather and snakeskin embossed fabrics that I usually reserve for making Handbags . . .

20160103_194303-1 20160103_194328-1


She’s not really a Rescue dog, I just couldn’t resist the design. I’m going to remake this one – I took out the word Rescue and replaced it with her name – Embroidery Software comes in very handy in a situation like this!


Every Baby needs a Romper, especially in the Winter


I think this will be her Biker Chick outfit! And I’ve got an Emerald Green Snakeskin that I can’t wait to use.


You know, when you’ve got a great machine like the Happy, sometimes you gotta just have fun with it!

Happy New Year Everybody!

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