Sign Your Work

I was talking to my son back in Texas last week and we were, as usual, arguing about who the better cook is – me, him or my Mom. I was in an Apron/Recipe kind of groove in my sewing room and I wanted to send him an apron with the recipe embroidered on it. I was trying to find out (in a sneaky, mom kind of way) which recipe I should put on his apron. In our friendly battle over skills and recipes, he said,

“Momma, real men don’t need recipes! Besides, spaghetti is my favorite and NOBODY uses a recipe for that.”

Well, how do you like them apples! I guess he told me.

Guess what I found – the perfect embroidery design for Mr. Texas Hot Stuff – already done –

I just added some spaghetti to the existing design and Voila! Take that Smarty Pants!


Because I’m a Quilter and “Sign” my Quilts with Labels, I wanted to sign his apron. I used to demonstrate to customers how they could capture their children’s refrigerator artwork by digitizing it. I would just grab a piece of paper and with a thick marker, draw a stick man. Then I would scan it and digitize it with digitizing software. When they saw that stick man on the computer screen – all kinds of lights came on as they envisioned all that they could do with these marvelous embroidery machines.

I realized I could take the same approach with my son’s apron – I wrote “Momma” on a piece of white paper with a thick marker, took a picture of it and digitized it to “sign” the bottom edge of his apron.


I did a second apron for him with his favorite cookie recipe – Peanut Blossom Cookies – the ones with the Hershey Kiss on top. He made a batch of these at Thanksgiving and was complaining about other people eating “his cookies”. I put the recipe on the skirt of the apron, upside down. This way he can wear the apron and all he has to do is look down to read his ingredients.


Now, I know he won’t wear these, but he can hang them in his kitchen. Besides, I’m just looking to put a smile on his face when he opens the package. Headed for the Post Office!


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