Knot My Finest Hour

If you belong to the Happy Owners Facebook Page, you may have seen my post last night – I had a late, stressful night of embroidery. Last minute Christmas gifts – it’s that time of year. Besides the Thread Breaks I struggled with (User Error!) I also got into a real battle with my Thread.

The design I was working on had 36 Color Changes and over 118,000 stitches! It was after 11 and I had to be up early for work this morning!!!

I had to put all new thread on every single one of my 15 Needles. That’s a lot of knots to tie.



My knots come apart at least 9 out of 10 times long before they make it all the way to the needle. I have gotten really, really good at threading manually through the tension dials and thread path. I was ready to scream with frustration. I want so much to tie my thread ends together and pull them all the way through the needle’s eye just like the pros around here do! I kept thinking,

“I can do this. I will conquer this. How hard could this be!!!???”‘

Well, pretty hard, especially for me with my bad thumbs. ūüė¶

Then I remembered something I overheard another Sales Manager here telling her customer. They had come to pick up their machine and Len was teaching them how to tie on their threads. She explained that she basically ties her knots like 4 times because it is more important to her that the knot stay together all the way TO THE EYE than that the knot be small enough to go THROUGH THE EYE when it gets there. She is perfectly content with getting it that far and then threading it through the eye manually.


I had¬†gotten myself so fixated on “Doing this right” and lost sight of the real goal – get that new thread on there and get that machine moving!!!

So, don’t get yourself all tied up in knots over doing things the “Right” way. Take Len’s advice, like I did last night, and just do what keeps your machine moving and those projects cranking out!

I haven’t given up on my knots, I will conquer it someday, just not in the middle of the night at the busiest embroidery season!

For those of you that want to conquer this skill as well, I found a couple of videos that might help.

For those of you that already tie on with no problems – SHOW OFF! ūüôā¬†…

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