What are you hiding?

Well “Eagle Eye” Althea McRae got me on my previous Post!

Althea, like a Where’s Waldo Pro, immediately noticed the empty floor space in my Sewing Room photo and commented:

“I see floor space in those pictures; obviously you aren’t working hard enough . . .”

Althea, I can’t even see the floor of my Sewing Room these days! I had to use a picture from when I first put in those shelves and the room was clean! The Living Room picture is from last weekend though. I would be horrified to show a picture of how my Sewing Room looks today.

I always feel better when I go to my BFF’s house and her Sewing Room makes me feel like I never left home.

I joined a Facebook group called Embroidery Room Rehab – I am still waiting for inspiration and energy to strike me!

By the way, how does your Sewing Room look?


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