Embroidering on Puffy Foam – Have You Tried It Yet?

How many of you have actually tried embroidering on Puffy Foam?

Great effect, great results, super easy!

Check it out – by the way – did you notice that is a 15 Needle Happy HCD2 Embroidery Machine he is using? I did 🙂


Oh yeah, you can purchase the Gunold Puffy Foam at TEXMACDirect!


3 thoughts on “Embroidering on Puffy Foam – Have You Tried It Yet?

    1. Hi Kathy, so nice to finally meet you in class last week!

      Yes, you need fonts that have been digitized specifically for use with Puffy Foam. http://www.TEXMACDirect.com sells a program specifically for creating Puffy Fonts – https://texmacdirect.com/shop/tools/software/puffy-font-lettering-software-sale-price-2/

      These might be an option as well: http://apexembdesigns.com/3-d-puffy-designs

      If you want to create your own lettering with the software you own, Rene Rosales can discuss the changes that need to be made to the lettering in order to achieve the best results.

      Let me know how you do – pictures please!


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