Getting Ready for AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines, Iowa

Look what I am almost finished with! If you knew me from my store, you saw pieces of this Memory Quilt on display as I played with the design. Believe it or not – I have never stopped working on it. I just haven’t finished working out the design until now. I “plan” to have it finished and take with me to display at the AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines, Iowa next month. I will be very sad to see it go when I finally hand it over to Michael and Mickayla as a very, very, very late wedding gift!

Hey, they can actually hang it up for Christmas this year!


The Crazy Patch rectangles are actually an Embroidery Design so my wonderful Happy Embroidery Machine is pretty much doing all the work for me! It and my Silhouette Cameo cutter.

My Happy stitches the outline of the different shapes, I lay them down and it stitches them down for me. Then it goes back and does the decorative stitches around the pieces for me. All I have to do is sew on the sashing pieces between the Crazy Patch rectangles!

Don’t you just love the picture of Michael in his Marine uniform next to a picture of him on Santa’s lap as a little boy!


Some of the ornament appliques will have photos of them as children at Christmas and some will have fabric elements I fussy cut from the Christmas fabric I am using in the Crazy Patch. Wait til you see the photos of Mickayla in outfits her mother made her when she was a little girl! They look just like the little girls in the Christmas fabric.


I think the Applique Ornaments look almost like they are glowing because I am using a deep burgundy thread for the satin stitch on the outside of the ornament and a bright red for the satin stitch around the inside piece of fabric. That was just one of those happy accidents.

My plan is to have this finished by the AQS Quilt Show so I can have it hanging on display in my booth before I give it to Michael and Mickayla. It is going very fast now that I have all the design elements worked out.

Come see us at the show!


If you can’t make it to the show, watch for my van! I will be driving all over the Midwest the week before and the week after the show.



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