YouTube Video Channel

I have taken the plunge – I just recently created a YouTube Channel so that I can post Videos of our fabulous Happy Embroidery Machines in action!


Well, some are Videos. Some will be Slide Shows made from still pictures I have taken of projects in process. These Slide Shows I will slowly, and I do mean SLOWLY, re-create into Videos. The Slide Shows buffer badly on a cell phone so if you are having trouble viewing these on your phone, try your computer.

I am taking requests! If you have a particular process you would like to see in a Video – let me know. We may already have a Video that I can simply direct you to – if not – I will add it to my list of Videos to create and post.

If you forget or lose the link – the easiest way to find my channel is to search YouTube for Susan McCann Happy Embroidery. If you just search my name, you get this other Susan McCann that apparently has a way better singing voice than I do. Trust me – those videos are not me!



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