There’s More Than One Way . . .

Did you ever hear that old saying, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat!”? Well, first, let me just state emphatically that no cats were “skinned” in the writing of this post! I might have irritated one or two, but they’re all still completely covered. We take good care of our cats around here!


Anyway – In the world of Embroidery – there is almost always more than one way to accomplish something. Now that is not to say that all methods are equal. Some just take way too long and the results are not nearly as good as others.

Let’s take those High Top Sneakers I did for example – if you read the post – you know that I used our Happy One Point Frame and added a monogram on the tongue. This is an optional item and attaches to the Cap Driver that comes in the Cap Kit. I won’t go into it all again since you can read the post for yourself.


If you read the post, you might have noticed the photo in the banner across the top did not include that Happy One Point Frame. The yellow “Hoop” on the machine in the photo is actually the 9″ Hoop Tech Clamp with the 6″x6″ Window attached.


Since I learned the hard way that the Sneakers were too little for their intended gifteeKirbi –  I decided to use them as an object lesson and embroider a different monogram on each shoe. I could tell you I planned it this way but why lie?

In the photo below you can see that I have inserted a piece of stabilizer in the “Window” of the clamp. I then sprayed the stabilizer and the back of the Sneaker’s Tongue with a temporary spray adhesive to help them hold together. The Tongue is too small for the Window I’m using so it can’t hold the Sneaker in place. I Digitized my monogram with a Basting stitch that stitches first around the perimeter of the monogram. I only have to hold the Sneaker in place while this basting stitch is formed. Once the basting is complete, the shoe is held firmly in place by the basting stitch and the spray adhesive keeps the material smooth and flat against the stabilizer for stitch-out. Yes, I could have used a smaller Window but then I wouldn’t have had a lesson for you now would I. I have an entire warehouse of cool tools behind me, you might only own one Window and you need to know how to make it work for you right? Right!

20141007_130138   20141007_125927

Wait ’til you see me use this clamp to embroider a pair of Ladies Knee High Boots!

20141004_152434   20141004_145958

Stay tuned for the Boot Post!


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